Friday, November 28, 2008


We're in Tuscaloosa (Alabama) at my MIL's. We came up on Wednesday and we will return home after the BIG GAME tomorrow afternoon. We had a nice Thanksgiving and now we're settled in watching the LSU-Arkansas game and trying to keep up with the Ole Miss- Mississippi State game. Go Rebels. Eat your heart out, Sylvester!

I've got a little stitching done and plan to continue in a few minutes. It's surprisingly warm here and a little drizzly. Hopefully it will clear off enough tonight so that we can go into town to visit the RVers. Day will start early tomorrow. We're going to park and ride the bus to the stadium. My old ticker doesn't always let me walk long distances. We all bought rain suits today because it's supposed to rain tomorrow. That's okay, as long as it's fairly warm. We'll visit some friends who are tailgaiting, on to the stadium for the Walk of Champions and them to our seats to visit with more Alabama friends and do our duck calls for the dreaded Auburn fans. That has something to do with some screwup that their coach, the wonderful Tubby, made. Alabama fans are going to welcome him into the stadium with duck calls.

I made some photos yesterday and today. I'll get some here as soon as I get home to my photo gear. I made my first ever (and last ever) visit to any mall on Black Friday this morning. And I've caught some fairly nice photos of scenery here.

See ya'll on Monday.

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Julie said...

Enjoy your time with your family. I hope your team wins.