Wednesday, December 24, 2008


wing your flight o'er all the earth."

Just a few more hours and it will be Christmas Day. The food is cooked and in the fridge, the presents are all given out except for the few that will be given tomorrow, the Christmas Eve service is over and I'm here waiting for Midnight Mass and then will snuggle in my bed and hope that sugarplums really do dance in my head. It won't be a white Christmas. It was over 70 degrees here today. It is raining but unless the temperature drops a few points we won't have a snow. We had that 2 weeks ago.

Bonnie is going to spend her first Christmas in Heaven. She slipped quietly away this morning. The families will be gathering tomorrow and will stay to say farewell on Monday. She had been ill since 1999 so she's a new person right now and I'm so happy for her.

We'll see the grand kids in a couple of days. Seems like yesterday that I was fighting to get my boys in bed so we could put together yet another Big Wheel. Can't even remember how many of those we went through. I'm not even sure if they're made anymore.

I remember the Christmas that John was finally convinced there was no Santa. He had second thoughts when he woke up and found Santa's boot prints in the ashes on the fireplace.

Of course, I think most of us are aware that Christ most likely was born in the Spring. I like it that way: Spring symbolizes new birth and I think it is so appropriate. But I am glad we do set a special day aside-- whenever-- to acknowledge His birth. It isn't the date that is important. It is the Act itself that is important.

So, to all of you, in whatever way you celebrate (or when you celebrate it) Merry Christmas. I hope all your wishes come true. And leave some cookies and milk for Santa.

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Julie said...

God Bless your friend, sometimes its kinder to let them go and be at peace.

I know the feeling of a loss at Christmas, my materanal grandmother passed away Christmas day a few years back and i also lost my son 27th Dec but that was 25 years ago now.

Take care