Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow-actually a few hours from now- we will begin the process of electing a new president. I will be in my precinct bright and early in the morning to open voting machines and get ready for a record turnout. Most people aren't really aware that someone may win the popular vote and still lose the election. Our president is actually selected by the Electoral College. It will meet sometime in the next month or so and make the election official.

My pastor's sermon Sunday was about the election. It was very good and very timely (you can hear it by clicking on the Parkview site and following the links). He reminded us that God is in control and He already knows who will win. Even if it's not our candidate, it's okay. HE is in control. He also reminded us that justice is more important that economy and then listed two very good reasons why he WON'T vote for a certain candidate. He and I agree on that!!

So......I will come home late tomorrow night- polls close at 8, but we will have an even later night than that- and I will fall into bed and sleep until the next day. And I will get up to face a new era-good or bad. Some pundits have predicted civil unrest. Pray God that it doesn't happen. Pray God that we can all learn to live together in peace.

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Julie said...

I hope your day turned out the way you had hoped and that you are not too exhausted.