Saturday, November 1, 2008


Today is Homecoming at the old alma mater. I'm not there (sob!) but David and Michael are. It's past halftime now and we're ahead 28-7. They're driving back after the game. Next year will be my 40th anniversary so I WILL be there. Couldn't miss that one.

Ole Miss tromped Auburn so all certainly is well with the world. The next best thing is for Georgia to decimate Florida. Not likely, but I can hope.

Bama plays LSU here next week. We're a "divided" family. Alabama is the tradition in our family but John broke with custom and graduated from LSU. However.......there is no doubt where our loyalties will be. I'm going to be at a wedding. The Minister of Youth at my church is being married and I figure I'd best be at church behaving myself than at Tiger Stadium being a very bad girl.

Some new stitching this week plus a finish. That's for another day. It's about time for a story or maybe a recipe. Stay tuned.

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Julie said...

Looking forward to seeing your finish and new start.

We were watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend and our UK boy won the title, excitement in this house for DH!