Monday, November 10, 2008


Here I sit on this great Monday, sneezing my head off and considering stitching and reading all day. David brought me the Mucinex this morning because sooner or later this will hit my chest. Always does. I just hope I don't spread it too far.

A word about the opening picture: Michael took this a couple of weeks ago when he was in Washington. I downloaded some pixs from my camera this morning and some of his shots were still in the camera. So I commandeered one. It's the Korean War Memorial. Since it is Veteran's Day, I thought it was appropriate.

Here is the infamous scarf. This one was more or less tongue in cheek. It didn't take long to sew up-all the seams are French seamed because the fabby ravels so badly. I had planned to use ribbon for the trim but had the black stuff already here and decided to use it. The Bama fabric was left over from Michael's Christmas present last year. Now what I REALLY want to do is one a little smaller, one layer of fabby and a Bama monogram. What I need to do is find a shop who can do the monogram. I'll worry about that tomorrow!

Right now I'm watching "Patriot Games" on the tube. I love Jack Ryan movies. I wish he would make a couple more of them.
Thanks, Michael.


Julie said...

A lovely memorial pic.
Great scarf too.

Ann said...

Love the scarf! And the Korean War monument is my favorite of all the's haunting in person, just haunting.

I hope you feel better soon.