Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, Rose and I are sitting here waiting for Gustav to fly by. The outside furniture is roped down, plants are in the garage, food is grilled and in the fridg, batteries are on the counter and bathtubs are filled. The only thing to do now is count down the hours. Apparently he's going to arrive sooner than expected. By this time tomorrow we'll be in the middle of it all.

We lost three trees during Katrina-I'm going to try to find some of those photos to put on the blog-and this one is going to be worse here than Katrina was. I spoke with my cousin this morning- Sarah, who lives in Mobile. She asked to come on over but the truth is, it's too late. Contra flow is in effect and is working well. If we left we'd have to go north. They can't come here, either. Hopefully we won't lose power but fully expect to.

My pastor changed his sermon this morning. He changed it to "The Perfect Storm". You should be able to hear it soon in the Parkview site. Very good and timely sermon.

I stopped by the grocer's on the way home-dumb move. So did everyone else in this neighborhood. I just wanted to make sure we had enough junk stuff-not that the pantry isn't overloaded as we speak! Don't tell anyone, but I LOVE Snyder's Buffalo Wing Pretzels. So I added to the supply. I bought two new books because if worse comes to worse, I can read by flashlight. I pulled out a very old piece of needlework-"Love Song" by Fouroaks Design. It will pass the time very well and I plan to have a little -very little- written acknowledgement of Gustav on the sampler.

I like what the mayor of New Orleans said: if you stay, you're on your own. If you stay to loot, you will go staight to Angola. Who can forget the video from Katrina? Republican that I am, I didn't vote for Bobby Jindal. But I have to say that he's done a great job the last few days. And our mayor, also. They both have earned my vote in the next election.

So, here we are. The only thing left to do is say our prayers. And if anyone out there wants to add his or hers to ours, PLEASE feel free. It's going to be a long few days.........

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