Saturday, August 30, 2008


I've been a bad girl! But so much has happened in the last two months. First things first:

Mindy: hope you're doing better! That ache wasn't a pulled ham string after all. Hurry and get mobile and come back to orchestra.

Mrs. McL: Welcome home from Alaska. There you were-cool as a cucumber while the rest of us were sweltering in the heat down here.

Football season starts today. The nerve of Franchione to do color announcing for my team. ROLL TIDE ROLL.

Gustav: Don't you have anything better to do than come bothering us? We're ready this time. It's the waiting that is so bad. So here we sit with lots of munchies, water and batteries. We thought about going home to Tuscaloosa to ride it out. That would be like going from a Cat 3 to a Cat6 or 7. So we'll be here. I'll post some pictures as I can.

Since I was here last DH and I celebrated our 40th anniversary (8/24) and David celebrated his 64th birthday (8/25).

My friend John, husband of good friend the late Carolyn, had successful cancer surgery. I'm glad because Sunday mornings aren't the same without him around.

Good friend Arthur went to the Olympics in Beijing and then returned safely last week.

David bumped his head in June-no blood, no stitches, just a bleed in his brain. He spent a few days in the hospital and we were relieved that it sealed itself off and no surgery was necessary. July 4th he was outside doing what he shouldn't. He fell. Messed up a rib, an ankle and a rib. Here we go again! Some one said age was a state of mind?

John and his family moved to Houston. He emailed yesterday, saying that he would ask us to spent hurricane time with them but they might be in the same position as we are. Michael has received his emergency orders so he will have to stay regardless.

I've finished lots of needlework and will publish pictures as I can. And have read a few books, most of which weren't that good.

Well, such is life for the last two months. I would say that it is better that being bored to death but I need to think on that one. I promise to do better. See ya'll later!

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