Friday, May 9, 2008

HO HUM........

It's been a dull week-sort of. I finished one book and started another. And I finally finished a project started weeks ago.

I finished Mr. Darcy's Diary. I actually enjoyed this one. Mr. D's personality wasn't changed from the start: one can see his arrogance from the beginning. The author didn't try to excuse his behavior. She (Amanda Grange) left it as it was and it was possible to see him change his mind about Elizabeth. The interesting story within a story was the relationship between Anne de Burgh and Col. Fitzwilliam. That's a story for another book!

I've started reading Cranford. I watched PBS's production on Sunday night and thought it might be well to read the book. Well, PBS took quite a few liberties! The book is very short and the story line is a bit different than the movie. That's something you may discover for yourself. It's still a charming little book-and it is worth the read. Elizabeth Gaskell also wrote Wives and Daughters, which is a favorite DVD of mine. I think I'll read that one next.

I finally took the time to put my tea cozy together. The stitching chart was a freebie from Tanya Anderson at the Sampler Girl. I also stitched the bun warmer-it was included with the tea cozy pattern. I used one of the breast cancer fabrics. It is quite pretty and I have some fabric left for another project.

I also started stitching "Netty's Sampler Pinkeep Drum" by Stacy Nash Primitives. Robin Campbell had finished hers and I really fell in love with it. The stitching won't take long and the finishing instructions are fairly easy.

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Michele said...

Gorgeous Tea Cozy! I love Wives ans Daughters also. The books and the movie are practically identical. Have you watched The Way We Live Now, based on the Trollpe novel?