Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today is a big day back home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It's A Day. It's the intrasquad game at my alma mater, the University of Alabama. And of course, I'm here in Baton Rouge. We were there last year but just didn't quite make it this time. So my body is here but my heart is in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Last year was Coach Saban's first showing and there was an overwhelming crowd-nearly 100,000. More are expected this year.

Football is a way of life in the South. It's really interesting for us because our new coach, Nick Saban, is the former coach of LSU. Actually he came to us from the Miami Dolphins but LSU fans all believe we stole him from them. It makes for interesting conversations! I really believe that the LSU fans see old times returning when Alabama always took LSU to the woodshed.

We're a divided family. Son John graduated from LSU and Michael from Bama. John was even in the Tiger Band. But the tradition continues: Michael is the third generation to finish at Bama. I hope one of my three grandchildren will continue the line.

The photo is from last year's A Day game. It's Coach Saban on the field with our players during the game. It's from my hometown newspaper The Tuscaloosa News.
I guess you can tell by the uniforms why we're called the "CRIMSON TIDE".

So, for now, ROLL TIDE. Five months to Kickoff........

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