Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, I came home from church about an hour or so ago and was greeted by such a Welcoming Committee. What a time not to have my phone in the car! He was big, black and had the longest forked tongue. He was maybe two feet from my car door with his head up, looking me straight in the eye. When I opened my door he ran into the bushes. I got out of the car, walked around the garage and into the side door. Ramar of the Jungle went out to kill him but let him go because he was a black racer-about 3 feet long. Who cares????? The only good snake is a dead one-lizards and other snakes be damned.

Well, a few minutes ago Ramar went to check on him. Notice I say "him". A "she" would have fought back. He came in and said he was back in his favorite spot. He got Sally (my .357 loaded with rat shot just for the occasion) and went in search for game. The snakey-poo had left for higher ground, rat shot is saved for another day, so tonight when I take Rose out for her evening constitutional I will be on the lookout for my new little buddy.

Unless one of you would like to volunteer?

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