Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've been bad this week. I've had spring fever and haven't done much of anything. I did go to my stitching group on Tuesday night and enjoyed that very much. I had a great visit yesterday with Councilman Mike Walker, a dear friend of mine. His daughter married last night and the pianist needed to practice so she came to my house and spent a couple of hours on the piano and he and I chatted. The wedding was last night at 7PM. He told me he had to be at LSU at 1PM today to judge a chili cookoff. Oh, goody!

Easter music was great at church Sunday. Well, Linda did play the fellowship hymn at the end of the service in a bit of a different key than the rest of us. No keyboard person likes to play in E so she just changed it to E flat. I imagine everyone was hungry and in a hurry to leave and didn't notice. Linda hardly ever makes a mistakes so it will make great fodder for us mere mortals for awhile.

I did finish a project this week. It was a quickie and a freebie. And a knob knocker, in case you can't tell. It came from the Kreinik site. I did it on 36 st. Edinburgh cloth with Anchor threads. I did the finish work myself. The whole thing was one big error (see Linda-I make BIG ones). When I was almost finished stitching it I noticed in the instructions that it said tent stitch over one and I did full cross stitch over two. It's twice the size it should be but is still small enough.

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Barbara said...

You say you made mistakes, but it looks GREAT to me! I've had this one in my 'wanna do' pile for ages, but the finishing seemed too difficult to me. ;)