Monday, August 27, 2012


This is what is known as a "bull's eye" and it's coming right at us. He should pay us a visit Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Right now he's a tropical storm---which is bad enough--but will be a hurricane when he hits us. Cat 1 or maybe Cat 2, both which are rough, but not nearly as bad as Katrina, which was a Cat 5.

There's a general joke that where Jim Cantore (The Weather Channel) is, is the storm.. He's in New Orleans right now, which is 60 miles from us. If Isaac comes directly up the Mississippi, we are in big trouble. And if he shifts and hits to the west of us, we are in deep caca. Never be on the eastern side of a hurricane. Anyway, we've survived Katrina, Rita, Ike and Gustav. This, hopefully, will be a piece of cake. A soggy one, but fairly easy to manage--if that's possible.

Go easy on us, Isaac and Jim (he is such a hunk that he can keep one's mind in another direction!).


Alice said...

Be safe! I will be thinking of you all out there.

Julie said...

Much love to you Marian xxx