Saturday, January 21, 2012


You'd never guess we're near the end of January here in Louisiana. A few days ago the temp was in the 20's. Now we having Springy-Summery weather. Still don't see leaves peeking out on trees, but some azaleas are blooming,

Tomorrow is going to be a busier than average Sunday. No naptime for me! Two services in the morning and then back at 4PM for choir practice for a special service at 6PM.  I'll do okay unless I'm not home for Downton Abbey. I'm on the preorder list--the DVD comes out Feb. 7.

My LNS closed in December, so I'm using this time to clean out the stitchy closet and to finish long term projects. The big one for this year is to finish the LHN ornies. I've only bought two stitchy pieces in the last month. One is one I'll never finish-maybe never start- but I wanted it here in case I got all inspired. It's from HAED and is the Sistine Chapel. It's huge, of course, but I so remember sitting in the Chapel, looking around and thinking of all the history there and of Michaelangelo lying on his back, paint falling into his face, completing that masterpiece.

The other is just one of those things I wanted to do. It's "Southern Belle" by Bucilla. Real simple. Along the lines of Paula Vaughan. I think it has something to do with being a true Southern Belle. I'm going to add to it by doing some beading, etc. There is one thing I have to change. The lady sitting on the right: no SB would be caught sitting like that. I'm going to re-chart it so that she's sitting like a lady. Also there aren't many colors called for. I'm thinking I'll change some of them. Okay. I'm a romantic.

Have any of you stitchy buddies ever had a stitchy garage sale? I have SO much stuff here and I'll never use it. I thought of donating it to the women's prison at St. Gabriel.    If any of you have a wish list, point me to it. I'd love to help you out.

So much for this Saturday. Hope you all have great weeks and see you all later!


Lee said...

Although I've never had a stitching garage sale, I have a girlfriend who held one in the community center of her apartment complex. She asked a bunch of us for donations and had quite a bit of stuff for her sale. She had all of her stitching friends come early to get first choice, then opened it up to others in her complex later in the morning. Her sale was decently successful and she used the money as a fundraiser for a Honduras mission trip.

Jackie said...

You could always have a sale section/tab on your blog. I've seen several stitchers do that. They post pictures and some are even selling projects that have been started that they know they'll never finish.

I can't imagine stitching a HAED but that's me. Those confetti stitches! I can see, however, how you like to stash something that speaks to you. One day that voice will be loud enough that you'll stitch it!

Julie said...

A beautiful design. My HAED has become a UFO, maybe this year it might appear out of the darkness lol.

Good luck sorting your stash, I see a lot of laies have a for sale page on their blogs

Susan said...

Please do the sale page on your blog or start a sale blog. Keep your HAED out where you can see it and who knows you really may just start it sooner than you think. You are correct, no true Lady would sit like that one is - what a shame on her!

Stitch Happy!

Miss LindaLee said...

Oh my goodness! A stitchy garage sale? Wouldn't that be an amazing thing to check out? I'd love it! Love your blogging also.

RhondaWoman71 said...

I am giving you an award on my blog take a look