Friday, October 21, 2011

Well, I really am still around. Time gets away from me and, I have to admit, Facebook is a quicker fix.

Since the last time we met, I have turned another year older. I'm Medicare-official now. I was 65 on October 3. It is better than the alternative, though. I don't feel any older--sometimes--but I see clear evidence of my face and other body parts dropping daily.

Michael, my 37 year old baby son, has returned from the Philippines. He left on October 2 and returned on the 17th. I can't wait to see the photos. He's a Dive Master and that was the purpose of the trip. He has one of those mongo underwater cameras and told me he took more that 700 photos. I was doing pretty good until he told me about the sea snakes. Something like 3 times more deadly than a cobra. Not doing a happy dance here!!
This is a snap of  him enjoying the scenery.

It's finally football season and things are stepping up.LSU is No. 1 and we are No 2.The big standoff is two weeks from now in Tuscaloosa and I'll be there.The winner of this one will go to the BCS. Then in another couple of weeks we have the annual shootoff with It's Alabama all the way for me. I'm fairly sure we'll really mess them  up this year. The game is in Auburn, so we'll have to make do with the tv.

I've actually done a lot of stitching. And......I'm on a knitting binge! Haven't  picked up the needles in years. I'm about to finish my first pair of socks and I've knitted a boa. On the stitchy side, here are a couple of finishes:

Can't remember if I've shown you this one. The chart is by LK. The premade sack was a little expensive, so I got out the old imagination and the sewing machine and came up with this. I'm going to do a few others because they will made great gifts.

This one was a long time in finishing. It's by Grilles de Maryse. I stitched awhile and put it down awhile. Stitched, stopped. I finally got it out and decided to get me out of my misery.  I found the tray at Hobbly Lobby and painted it to match. The first go-around I got it in the tray caddywhoompased. I took it out and tried again.

So.......this is my world as of today.Hope all is great out there for all of you. It's Fall and the weather is great. Football season is here. And I've got my stitchy bag here and my Linzie nearby. Let it snow!!!!


Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Lovely finishes, always great to find finishing alternatives:) Happy Stitchy Birthday!

Jenny said...

Oh wow, Marian, your finishes are gorgeous! I love all those pretty French charts and your finish is absolutely fabulous - love the work, the fabbie you picked - everything!

We are anxiously waiting for some cool diving pics! :-)

Julie said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes Marian. The little bag s lovely, a great giftie idea but I do love the tray finish, that is stunning.
How exciting your sons trip sounds.
Love Jule x

FancyHorse said...

Yes, I've been keeping up on Facebook. Haven't blogged much lately, either.

I love your pumpkins, and especially your header collage. It tells it all, except Linzie isn't there!