Saturday, October 29, 2011


Here is the latest edition of my TUSAL. There's actually some knitty stuff in this one as well as some of Linzie's hair (I trimmed her tail) and some thread labels.  The goody is the background is a bit of stitching that I finished a couple of weeks ago. It was supposed to be an Altoids tin topper, but I used larger fabby and some trim from my stash and made a label to hang on the candy jar.

Ta Da! My very first pair of knitted socks. The first one nearly put me in the hospital but the second one knitted up quickly and smoothly. It's Patons sock wool, knitted on Size 5 Needles and they fit great ( I have chubby legs, but don't tell anyone.). I'm about to start the second pair as soon as I finish a hat I started a couple of days ago. They are really more colorful than the photo shows.

David Beckham, eat your heart out! This is the slouchy hat I stitched up this week. It doesn't really look like it, but it fits pretty good. I'm working on a beret now. I did this one for the game next weekend, but it looks like the weather is going to be pretty bad, so Michael may inherit this one. It's in crimson and white, of course!

One week from today is the Showdown in Ttown. Bama vs. LSU. We're supposed to be there, but David has been in bed for two days now with a really BAD earache. And we're hearing that the weather is going to be very cold and rainy. That means I probably won't go to the stadium (the game is at 7PM). I would like to go to the Quad that afternoon. But Dave is also saying that we just may stay here in BR. We could sell those tickest for a LOT of money. We'll see. I think Alabama football will win in the end!!

Hope you all are staying warm!

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Julie said...

Well done on the socks, they look magnificent, they'll keep your tootsies nice and cosy.

Great hat, the halloween ornament has a super trim

I hope David is soon feeling better, it's no fun being sick.