Friday, September 2, 2011


Wow! It's been awhile. So much has happened. And now I'm sitting here watching weather radar. We're about to have a bit of bad weather. Actually, not "a bit". More like "a lot". There's a tropical storm headed our way and is moving slowly. We're expecting some very strong wind and a lot of rain. We've had a marsh fire near New Orleans which is causing smoke and bad smell all the way up here. Officials are hoping the rain will douse the fire and make breathing easier.

We've made a lot of trips north to Tuscaloosa the past few weeks. We received a call on July 15th that my MIL was dying. We got there late on the 16th and she died early on the 17th. We were all there with her, even Linzie. She recognized us before she died. We came home and went back for the funeral on the 22nd. She would have been 99 on August 11th. We've made a trip since then. Yesterday David received an email saying my SIL was in the hospital in Tuscaloosa, so I guess we will be having more trips home.

I have been doing some stitching--have to maintain my sanity! My first quilting project (a quilt!) is being quilted as we speak. This is the second. It's a table runner that I made for my grandkids for Halloween. I downloaded the pattern from Clotilde. Halloween fabrics, of course. And I used a textile pen and added some sayings to be back. A quilting friend of mine says it the French braid pattern. It wasn't hard. Just a lot of waste fabric. I recycled it to the backing. It's quilted on my sewing machine.

This is a little goody I made from a LK pattern. I was going to order a pre-made cover, but it was a little expensive. A trip to the quilting shop and a lttle eyeballing later and I had made my own. I wish I had made it a little longer. Oh, well!

So....that's life here. I hope it slows down a little. But I have my stitching and that keeps me calm. And football season starts tomorrow. I do love me some Alabama football! ROLL TIDE!

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Jenny said...

Love the fabbies you picked for your runner and your LK finish.
I hope that all those fires get put out withoiut and flooding. It has been a rough summer, for sure.
Take care & Happy Stitching!