Wednesday, May 4, 2011


 It was a bittersweet weekend. I had been planning
the trip for a couple of months: new clothes, new shoes. The whole shebang. Then last Wednesday a tornado hit my hometown, Tuscaloosa, AL. We went on anyway. Places that I knew as a child are gone. Many are dead. These are some photos I snapped from the car. The area of Tuscaloosa where I grew up--Alberta City--was not open to traffic, so I guess we were spared that sight.

The University was okay. My MIL, BIL and SIL were okay and had no damage. This thing stayed on
the ground for 175 miles and was selective in what it touched.

Words can't describe the emotions.

The reunion went on as planned although the crowd was way down. One of our classmates was in her house when it disappeared. Another classmate brought his mother to live with him because her house was destroyed. We all had a good time and will meet again in 3 years for our 50-year reunion.
We stopped in Columbus, MS on the way home to visit my cousins Doug, Ellen and Wanda. It was a great visit. We haven't seen each other since the late 90's. They're all in this photo along with son Michael.

Linzie went with us, of course. Here she is playing with big brother Michael.

There's nothing that I can say about Tuscaloosa except to ask everyone to pray. There are still 80 people missing. Many are homeless. But people are good and supplies are arriving.Estimates of damage range from $75-100 million. Life won't be the same now.


Gillie said...

Dear Marian, I am so sorry. So glad that your family are alright and that you could spend time with them.

Jenny said...

Marian, thanks so much for sharing the photos and your thoughts with us. It is hard to understand and accept the vastness of this tragedy. I am so glad that you decided to got to see your family in spite of everything. Family is so important and especially at times like these.

FancyHorse said...

I can't imagine. It looks worse than a hurricane!
I am praying everyday, and have donated to Red Cross and to church for relief.

I'm glad you had your reunion, and that your family was all right.

Alice said...

How heartbreaking! It was nice that you could be together with your classmates at this time to be able to commiserate together and be a comfort to each other. Yikes... imagine being in your house when it disappears! Many prayers headed Tuscaloosa way.

Julie said...

A very emotional trip, lovely that you were all still able to come together in light of the tragedy and comfort each other at this sad time.

Therre is so much sadness in the world recently, some of the open green spaces here in the UK have been destroyed by fires with there being no rain and the ground so scorched and dry. xxx

Mary in AR said...

Marian, I totally understand your feelings. I was raised in Arabi, LA (St. Bernard Parish) and although I hadn't lived there for 15 years, I was devastated that my parents and sister both lost their homes to the flood waters. My parents are both ill, so my DH & I went through their house to salvage a few things. So many emotions. My schools, my church, friends homes--all taken away. But I know it was good for you to go and see your family and classmates. Keep praying for all those who lost everything.