Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I love this Sweet Baby. She is so good natured and such good company. Never really any trouble. Always ready to play. And gives good Puppy Kisses.

Well, Linzie doesn't like thunder and lightning. Uh uh. No, no. Not at all.
 She usually stays in bed with me while I read and then moves to her own little bed when I turn out the light.

Last night we had a MAJOR thunderstorm. Lots of noise and bright lightning. Well, when all hell broke loose, she moved quickly from her little bed back to mine. She rooted around, twisted, moved some more and finally ended up on my pillow with her head touching mine.

I'm glad she trusts me that much. I didn't get a lot of sleep but it was worth it, I guess. I don't know why I would mind her sleeping so close to my head. She is always resting right next to my heart.


Donna said...

My little Honey has her own bed, but sometimes in the night she comes to my side of the bed. She wants to lay down beside me, with her head on my pillow. She will do this for about 5 or 10 minutes and then off to her bed again.
That is, unless my husband has been called out. She hears the door close when he leaves out late at night and she is in the bed with me in a matter of seconds, under the covers, right next to my back!
So far she isn't afraid of storms though.

Jackie said...

One of my pups is really afraid of thunder too. He'll go under our bed though. I feel awful for him and go and get him. I really don't like the idea of him being frightened.

Linens and Royals said...

Lucky Linzie to be able to receive such comfort in a storm. My girls always sleep with me, one on the pillow and one under the covers and they are not even afraid of storms. I didn't intend to spend my senior years sleeping with cats but these things happen!!

Julie said...

Awww poor sweetie, safe beside her mum was the best place to be.

Mr Moe hides behind the sofa if we have a storm and does a good job of a foot warmer on the bed each night too!

Alice said...

We are lucky that Grace Kelly doesn't mind storms because she is just too big to be sharing with us! I have a cat who loves to sleep in my arms or just above my head and it really can disrupt your sleep!

FancyHorse said...

We had a dog named Scrappy years ago, a medium size dog, about the size of a small beagle (she was a mutt). She was terrified of thunder - she trembled and shook and whined as long as she could hear it, which of course was longer than we could, both before and after. If it came while we weren't home, she would try to scratch up a shelter for herself. Many times the carpet would be scratched up in the corner of the hall. That was how we knew she grew deaf in her old age - she quit being afraid of thunder unless it was really close, and she quit growling at the garbage truck.
She was the only dog we had, and she was a real sweetie. She never knew we were cat people. We had a cat when we had her - they thought they were sisters! And they were. :-)

FancyHorse said...

I hope you came through the bad weather okay. We had some high wind, thunder and rain. I heard there was damage in Tennessee and Georgia.