Saturday, March 26, 2011


I stopped by my LNS, Cross Stitch Corner, to pick up some charts and material that I had ordered. Am I glad I did!

I told you in my last post that Diane's husband Charlie had had a major heart attack last Friday. Well, there sat Charlie in the old flesh and blood. Some bruises-who can go through all that without any- but looking absolutely wonderful. He had a couple of stents put in and spent a couple of days in ICU. PTL that he is well and doing great. Here's Charlie!

And while we're here.....Here's a shot of Diane-on the right- and our righteous Yankee, Kate Byrne. Two great stitchers and two even greater ladies. Love you both.

Now for the goodies:

Charlotte's Sampler is here. I'm going to study it a bit to see how I want to do this project. It's by Cherished Stitches:

And the anglophile in me couldn't ignore the wedding. I'll be up at the break of dawn on April 20th and I'm going to stitch on this during that time. It looks like an easy stitch. It's from Kelmscott and I think a pinkeep is in order!

I've finished the Spooky SAL project. I'll post photos later.

All of you take care and enjoy the spring weather!!


Donna said...

Hooray for prayers answered! That is great news.
I love the pinkeep. I am still searching for my crown to wear as I know my invite is simply lost in the mail. But nevermind, I can watch it on the television.
I miss seeing your posts on FB. I will be back after Easter!

Alice said...

I am so glad all is well. I love the look of your new projects

Myra said...

Ooooh Charlotte's Sampler is a gorgeous design. I will be watching the big wedding too - just can't resist all the hoopla.