Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm dancing my Happy Dance this morning just a little. I had a couple of finishes this weekend.

This biscornu is from the 2010 JSC Christmas Ornament Preview issue. I saw it on Daffycat's blog and asked who stitched it (it was a RAK). Patty did it and graciously told me where to find it. Well, of course I couldn't find the issue right away. It was tucked away with my LNS ornies stash. Now it's finished. I stitched it on lavendar fabby from my stash and used a skein of thread also from my stash. Have no idea where I bought it or when! It's in Mardi Gras colors and is called "Royal Robes" from The Dye Is Cast". I liked the fleur de lis because it reminded me of my adopted state.

It's resting in the Valentine's flowers that John, Laura and the kids sent me. They are still fresh and going strong.

And here are three more 2010 LNH ornaments. I had done the stitching-except for one of them-and just sat down and finished them. One more and 2010 will be finished and I can start on 2011.

The weather is much improved, but we can expect a few more cool days. DH got up this morning with the crud. Believe me, there's nothing worse than a sick man. Isn't it amazing how women can be at Death's Door and still keep on keeping on!

Okay. Everybody knows that I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Alabama fan: alumna, obsessive. The whole kit and kaboodle. One of the requisites for being a Bama fan is a total dislike of anything Auburn ( and it works the other way, too).  Well, Auburn has this little place in Auburn where they all go to celebrate. It's called Toomer's Corners. It seems that the Barners-as we call them- are claiming that a Bammer (that's us) poisoned their 130 year old trees. Bovine Feces (or the other word). It's also being reported that it's  not true. It's going to be interesting because the rivalry is SO strong. God help the Barners if anything happens on our campus. The line in the sand is drawn!! Over trees, of all things.


Katrina said...

It's so sad, 130 year old trees poisoned. Whoever did it should be punished! I hope they find out who is responsible.

Love your finishes too!!!

Julie said...

Super biscornu, loving the ornaments too.

How sad that the trees were poisoned

Jackie said...

The biscornu and ornies are beautifully finished! You did a great job.

My dad is a die hard Bama fan by first (born in Phenix City in 1932). He wouldn't approve of the recent activities though. Not at all.

i think they made an arrest didn't they?

FancyHorse said...

It's very sad. I've been upset since I heard about it. The guy who called Paul Finebaum on the radio identified himself as an Alabama fan. Not the typical Alabama fan, I'm relieved to say. I know many Alabama fans, and many (including you!) are good friends.

We do like Auburn, but we don't hate Alabama.

Alice said...

I sure hope things don't go further, life is too short for rivalry to turn that bad. I love the purple fabric! Your ornies are so cute, makes me want a candy cane.

Susan said...

Your finishes are wonderful!

Sorry about the trees and I hope no Bama would ever be so cruel.

Happy Stitching!

Donna said...

Crazy things happen in the name of rivalry. But a 130 year old tree should never be caught up in the fire.
Hopefully they will catch who did it and it will all be over.
The biscornu is just lovely. I think the colors just "pop"!

Mary said...

Great finishes!