Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Seein' as how it's almost Halloween, here are some photos of my favorite Halloween decoration. I started it years ago when the pattern first came out. I finished it a couple of months ago. The pattern is from Crabapple Hill. Now that it's finished I love it. Truth is, I don't like doing surface embroidery. I followed CAH's instructions for finishing, but they weren't all that great. I redid the hat and added some sparkles.

The quilting shop near my favorite cross stitch shop (Cross Stitch Corner) made some fabric packs. I did change one or two of the swatches because I found some neat black fabby with music stuff on it.

All in all, I'm glad I finally finished it. Storing it may be a bit catchy!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I wake up and, low and behold, it's three months later!  Shame on me!

We're all alive and well here. Much has happened, of course. I've been stitching away--actually finishing some things I started years ago. I'll make some photos and send them along.

Linzie is still running things here. She is a joy. And so smart!  She paid a visit to Sunrise Assisted Living with us on Thursday.  Sweet Thing loved everyone except Brody, the resident canine.

I'm an organist again. My church, Parkview Baptist, recently purchased a new organ. After a 4 or 5 year vacation I'm doing what I was meant to do. Retirement plans are on hold for a few more months.

It's football season, my favorite time of the year. Bama has lost one game and may lose one today. They're still my team and I love them.

Guess I'll go back to the tv and the game.

Don't give up on me. And I'm on Facebook, too.