Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well, we slipped by again. Bonnie fizzled out. I hear a little thunder right now, but that's about it. I shouldn't say too much because we're cruising right into prime hurricane season. After Katrina and Gustav, everyone takes every warning seriosly, believe me. And with the oil spill our trouble is a little more scarier. Yesterday I had visions of tar balls in my yard.

On  to stitchy stuff. Speaking of hurricanes.........this little project is one that took forever. Don't remember when I started it, but I finished it in 2008. I ordered the frame a month or so ago and finally got it framed and hung.  If you look closely in the upper left hand corner and the lower left corner you will see what I was stitching on on three certain days: Katrina, Gustav and Ike.  I just figured someday my grandchildren would appreciate it!  Rita isn't on here because when she hit, I was sitting in an airplane on the tarmac at the Baton Rouge airport. My friend Laura and I had been to London for two weeks. We actually had to fly home a day early just to get home. Airports were closing all around us. We missed tea at Windsor and I really wish we had been able to do that. We were going to take the train from Victoria Station, go thru all the lovely countryside, pass a visit, and come home that afternoon. Instead we were flying to Newark, NJ, trying to get home before everything shut down. That plane SHOOK from side to side. Thank goodness we were on the ground. A lot of planes bound for nearby cities were re-routed thru BR. We were scheduled to land here, but it was first come, first served. We had to wait in line--a long one--to roll into the terminal. PTL we weren't in the air when she actually hit.

I just accidentally deleted another project!!! I'll pick it back up later. It was another old thingy I finally framed. Long fingernails!!

Well, for some Linzie stuff. Michael was here toward the middle of the week. He and the little princess had some quality play time---until he picked up her little fox. Then we found out not only how strong she was, but how possessive.

My two youngest children. What a pair!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My good friend and owner of my LNS, the Cross Stitch Corner, reminded me again this morning that I had not posted the newest photos of some of my work. Well, here we go.

I've really got into making purses and this is the latest. I stitched the JA piece from a Sampler Girl chart and then placed it on the front of the purse. I found the fabby at Hobby Lobby and it just seemed "to fit".

My second finish is the second in Lizzie Kate's seasonal fob series. This was great fun to stitch and put together--both times. I finished it, put it on the coffee table and Linzie chased it down and removed the ribbon and the heart button. She went into time out and I repaired the damage.The first in the series I received from my partner in the LK exchange.

This knob knocker was stitched from another Sampler Girl chart. It's still hanging on my mantle. I used some fabby I found at my local quilt shop. It just looked Jane Austen-y.

Life continues on here, oil spill and all. Our Fourth was spent at church. We had a special Fourth of July program and it was fantastic.

Guess that's about all. Linzie is keeping us busy. And I'm finishing the framing of a couple of older finished. I ordered the frames--on piece is HUGE--and now they are almost ready.

Gotta do better than this at posting.....,

Saturday, July 3, 2010