Monday, June 28, 2010


You know how some people can just bore you to death with photos of their kids and/or grandkids? Well, okay.I understand. But I do happen to have the cutest and smartest grandkids, along with the most adorable little poochie. we have photos of them both.

Laura and the kids came by on Friday on their way back to Houston after a vacation in Mandeville. They came especially to meet Linzie. Things would have been just great if Marley hadn't come along for the ride. Linzie did NOT like an invasion of her puppy privacy. The kids-sure- but not another puppy.

Ann especially connected with Linzie. And I always connect with Marley. She is so sweet. She is a rescue dog. Probably a yellow lab/something mix. Just as gentle as she can be. She has had distemper and has some side effects, but isn't contagious and Linzie has had her shots.

We'll be going to Houston soon, so it will be interesting to see how she reacts to Marley's house.  

Still stitching, but no new photos. I've ordered a couple of frames for a couple of pieces but they aren't ready yet. And I'm working on the LK exchange which goes out in a month.

It's SO hot here. And we're no closer to ridding ourselves of a lot of oil. And Alex is sitting around getting bigger. I don't think he'll be a problem to us, but there's another storm in the Atlantic headed for the Carribbean.

Until later, happy stitching!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's almost the Fourth of July and the celebrations begin!  It's hot here. Very hot. And it's not August yet. And we may have a hurricaney Fourth. There's a storm sitting in the Carribbean and it looks-----suspicious. We'll see.

We're still dealing with that nasty oil spill. It really looks like things are just standing still. In the meantime, Louisiana and the other coastal states are hurting. If we can go to the moon, it seems like someone could come up with an answer to this problem--if they wanted to.

I've been stitching, but finishing very few things. I'm keeping up with the LHN ornies, so here is the latest finish:

I finished it in the materials called for. I'm really enjoying these little goodies!

I need to get serious now. My thoughts and prayers go to Mizmollye in the loss of her son, Jake. There is nothing worse than losing a child. But Mollye is strong and has SO much faith. She will teach some of us-especially me- some lessons. I think of her often during the day. I hope she is able to feel all the thoughts of love that come to her from all of us.

Please read her tribute to Jake on her blog, Mizmollye's Place. The link is to the right of my blog. I truly wish I could have known him: he's just 3 months older than my John. Such wonderful words coming from his Mom.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Daddy and his twin brother, Merrill. They're together now. What characters!

My Daddy was the greatest man I ever knew. He and I had a special bond that will never be removed.

He was a great American- he served in the Army during World War II. He would be so disappointed in the way our country is going. In a certain way, I'm glad he's not here to see it all happen.

He loved my boys. One of the biggest regrets of my life is that he never got to meet his great-grandchildren. But I know he's looking down on them with love.

He was almost as big an Alabama fan as I am. He has his favorite Bama hat with him now as he rests. And I know he's enjoying his moments with Bear Bryant (a captive audience).

He was proud of his Scottish heritage. He's wearing his Wilson  tartan tie right now. I'm sure he's seen that beautiful country as he's sitting on his favorite cloud.

The best thing is that one day we'll be together again. He may fuss at me a little, but he was always pretty good about letting me be myself.

Sleep well, Daddy. Save a seat on that cloud for me.

I love you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I downloaded these photos DAYS ago, but got so busy that I never finished the post!

Linzie (I got her vet papers and found out how to spell it) has kept us going. Our vet says she is a little "pistol" and that sums it up.She is a little love and we are all enjoying ourselves. She went with us to Sunrise Assisted Living last Thursday and with me to Senior Adults this morning. She's so smart and so darn cute.

We still miss Rose and sometimes forget and call Linzie by her name. I think Rosie would say it's okay. They would have a good time together-playing and chewing and fighting. Linzie doesn't like cats too much, so I spend my time outside with Giselle and Sis. There's a new kid on the block: a tuxedo cat. He-or she-is just now getting comfortable with us. The little guy sits in one of the wicker chairs on the front porch.

Couldn't get away without some photos of the kid(s). Michael was here so he took some shots and then I took one of him with his little sister.
Now for my latest project. I've made my first purse. I used a Simplicity pattern and fabby from my stash-except for the lining. I had to chase down a yard or so. It wasn't difficult. Just time-consuming. I used it as practice for one I want to make from Christmas fabric. This was really a lot of fun and I'm going to do it again-just different patterns.

We are still struggling with the oil spill. It's now the worse oil spill in history. I can't hardly look at the photos we see daily of the poor little animals that are dying. And we're slowly watching the demise of our seafood industry. And our tourism. Just pray that there will be an end to the problem-certainly before we have a hurricane.