Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I downloaded these photos DAYS ago, but got so busy that I never finished the post!

Linzie (I got her vet papers and found out how to spell it) has kept us going. Our vet says she is a little "pistol" and that sums it up.She is a little love and we are all enjoying ourselves. She went with us to Sunrise Assisted Living last Thursday and with me to Senior Adults this morning. She's so smart and so darn cute.

We still miss Rose and sometimes forget and call Linzie by her name. I think Rosie would say it's okay. They would have a good time together-playing and chewing and fighting. Linzie doesn't like cats too much, so I spend my time outside with Giselle and Sis. There's a new kid on the block: a tuxedo cat. He-or she-is just now getting comfortable with us. The little guy sits in one of the wicker chairs on the front porch.

Couldn't get away without some photos of the kid(s). Michael was here so he took some shots and then I took one of him with his little sister.
Now for my latest project. I've made my first purse. I used a Simplicity pattern and fabby from my stash-except for the lining. I had to chase down a yard or so. It wasn't difficult. Just time-consuming. I used it as practice for one I want to make from Christmas fabric. This was really a lot of fun and I'm going to do it again-just different patterns.

We are still struggling with the oil spill. It's now the worse oil spill in history. I can't hardly look at the photos we see daily of the poor little animals that are dying. And we're slowly watching the demise of our seafood industry. And our tourism. Just pray that there will be an end to the problem-certainly before we have a hurricane.


Alice said...

I hope the oil spill saga goes away soon too! At least the gush is going, the cleanup will take some time. What a tragedy. Your purse is wonderful! What a great thing to carry around especially as the Fourth of July is coming up. Linzie is a cutie.

Jackie said...

Linzie is adorable!

Your bag is cute. My first bag is sitting unfinished. Ugh!

The oil spill is making it's way here to Florida as well. Very difficult to see and frustrating.

Carolyn NC said...

Adorable Linzie! Love the bag, too. Hope they can get this oil spill taken care of!

Julie said...

We keep seeing this on our news here in the UK, it is so awful to see the wildlife suffering

The bag is fabulous and will be so useful, clever you!

Linzie is just so cute

FancyHorse said...

I don't like seeing the pictures either. So sad, depressing. It's gone inland around Orange Beach and Perdido Pass (near the Ala/Fla border).

I haven't posted in awhile until today, but I still intend to blog about our cruise.

Siobhan said...

I love your pics! Linzie is too cute. Our beloved cat went to the Rainbow Bridge about a year before we got The Fluffinator... I like to think that Ginger June picked Duffy out for us and sent him down from heaven to heal our broken hearts. I'm sure it was the same with your fur babies. ;)

The bag turned out great!

I am praying for something to happen about the oil spill, things to get better, the oil to stop, BP to be held accountable, etc., etc. I am in bury my head in the sand mode, because I can't stand to listen to the news about it. It breaks my heart, not just for the animals & sealife being affected, but the people whose lives depend on the Gulf.

Pike said...

Oh, that bag looks so great