Monday, April 26, 2010


Let's not forget the TUSal. I think this is my most favorite! This month's is full of colorful threads and bits of fabric.

Busy, busy!  This is the newest addition to the LHN ornament collection. It's done with the fabric and threads recommended. I did take the beads from my stash.

This is my very first cube and I LOVE doing them. This is LHN's design--the small one--stitched with stuff from my stash. Right now it sits on my mantle. I've done 2 more cubes and will publish pictures as soon as I take photos.

Two little freebies I stitched with goodies from my stash. I dearly love animals. They are in my basket of little pillows.
A goodie from the Sampler Girl, again stitched with stuff from my stash. It's on my Jane Austen wall.

This is a very OLD, OLD piece of needlework. I finally finished it into a knob knocker and it hangs on the door of the whatsit in my breakfast room.

Well, that's life here. I have some other finishes, but it's just a matter of getting off my big backside and taking photos. 

 We've added another kitty to the drive-by family. Giselle's sister has joined us. I've got to get a photo of her: she's beautiful. A torti and just the opposite personality of Giselle. Don't know her real name, so we call her Sis. Very loving and laid back.

That's all going on here at Rose Cottage. Hope all is well with all of you. It's definitely summer here in Baton Rouge: in the 80's today. And it's only April. And a little over a month to hurricane season. Something to look forward to! ?


Jackie said...

Your picture of your finished LHN ornie makes me want to start stitching mine! Loads of beautiful inspiration in this post.

Bonnie said...

Love your Snowy Pines. I am about finished with mine.

Your pet ornies are so cute.

Donna said...

You have been a stitching fool (well, maybe not a fool!)!. Everything is just so cute and nice!

Siobhan said...

Wow, what gorgeous finishing!! Stitching and finishing--you're on a roll!

Julie said...

Lots of wonderful things to see in this post Marian, you have been busy

Alice said...

You take such artistic pictures! Very nice finishes Marion.

Ann said...

I can't wait to see a picture of Sis! And by the way, would you mind posting a link to the "meow spoken here" freebie? I think I need to stitch that one!

Jan said...

I love all of your finishes!! You should be pleased with your work, Marian!