Monday, October 12, 2009

   I really am still alive!  It's been an interesting couple of weeks.  We all fully recovered from the rainy trip home to the ballgame. Since then we've won two more. And have moved to #2 in the polls. I'm really not sure we deserve it, but none of the others teams are that good, either. I'm glad Tebow survived the LSU game on Saturday with LSU. In a  mother's opinion, he should not have been playing. Only two weeks out from a major concussion. And tossing his cookies all over the sideline!

I turned another year older on October 3rd. It was a good day. Bama won it's game and we all had lemon/chocolate doberge cake from Baum's. A taste of heaven on earth. I was a big 63. Believe me, at this stage of the game birthdays are a good thing.

In my last post I showed you a picture of my newest chart. I couldn't just kit it up without taking a few stitches. Which started me on a jag. Even though it looks complicated, it isn't. Very ordered. Easy to read chart. Below are a couple of pictures of the real Houmas House. It's just a few miles from here, so I'm going to make the trip down in just a few weeks. This weekend is a festival there, but every one in the area will be there, so I'll make the trip when it's quiet and I can really enjoy things.  

There is a website for Houmas House and I think it's really worth a look. Check out the brochure link for some really great  pictures.

This is my progress so far. It's probably going to become a little tedious when I get to the sky and the lawn. May have to do a little gridding!

This is my latest read. Just finished it. Really very good. Caroline Bingley gets her comeuppance and it wasn't without tragedy. I thought her style of writing was on a little bit higher level than some of the other P&P knockoffs. It begins just after the wedding. I still see some of Darcy's temper. I enjoyed re-connecting with old friends and, of course, meeting new ones. I would suspect there will be another in the series.

That's about all for today. I have a couple of framing projects to show plus some more WIP's to report. But right now my stitching is calling. To say nothing of Criminal Minds!


Alice said...

My goodnesss! I wish I stitched as quickly as you do. It is looking terrific! I also envy you getting to see the original. I love poking through historical homes. I have that book on my list... nice to hear it is a tolerable read. I am all caught up on Criminal Minds and there have been some really good episodes lately. Happy belated Birthday!

Carolyn NC said...

Great progress already!

Marian said...

It's an easy stitch. And I'm doing it on aida. Be crazy not too.

Donna said...

You have really been stitching. It looks marvie!

Lisa said...

Houmas House looks beautiful! Oh the memories!!! I look forward to watching your progress.
Take care!

Julie said...

Belated birthday wishes

Loving the new project, there is such depth in the the stitching you have done, they captured it so well, its wonderful, looking forward to seeing it grow.

Enjoy your trip to the 'real' house


Siobhan said...

Ahh! I knew I liked you... we are avid Criminal Minds fans here. We are eagerly awaiting the start of this new season... hopefully soon. I did have to check to make sure that Hotch made it. What a cliffhanger ending to last season!

Thanks for sharing the link--what a gorgeous house, and a great start!

Thanks for the tip on the book, too; it sounds good. Some of the Austen knock offs are cute but just not something I can read, so I'm glad to hear this one is worth the time.

Fidget said...

Wouldn't it be fabulous to gather together all the TUSAL stitchers that love Criminal Minds and have a weekend retreat with all of the CM episodes playing in a continuous loop on a big screen TV?

Happy belated birthday, Marian! Houmas House is looking great in your project and also in the pictures.