Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I got to messing around in my stitchy closet last night and came across this little goody. I started it a couple of years ago, made a colossal mistake and then put it away. I was looking for something else and found it. I frogged out the mistake(s) and finished stitching it. This morning I put it together. First time I've ever used those little plastic stuffing beads. I think it turned out right nicely, if I say so myself. It's Indigo Rose's A Bee Charmer.

I'm getting ready to do a major overhaul in the old stitchy closet. Too much stuff, not enough storage space. I have charts out the wazoo- some never used. Think I'm going to maybe sell them. We'll see. I'll let you all know, as well as making a list.

My nose is stingy today and a little stuffy. Guess the weather change is hitting. John has the flu and Michael had to have an elbow injected. We're all falling apart around here! So far David has stayed in good health.

Don't forget about the time change this Saturday night. Never have figured out the reason for it. Time is time!


FancyHorse said...

I hope Michael and John are feeling better soon, and that your cold (or whatever) goes away.

Happy organizing!

Clare - Aimetu said...

We changed our clocks last weekend - I don't get it either LOL. Great finish - well done on the froggin'. Hope everyone feels better soon.

Autumn said...

I finished Bee Charmer a couple of years ago. I think it's so pretty. You can always bring those old charts up to the store...preferably on a day when I'm there LOL

Carolyn NC said...

Very cute!

Julie said...

Thats a cutie, its amazing what you find when you are not looking isnt it.

I put a couple of pics on the blog for you - nothing exciting!

Alice said...

I love the little bee! Nice finish. I hope you all get and stay healthy! I hate when I have to change all the clocks.... there is always one I forget and then panic when I see the time.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I feel like I am getting what you are too!
Snuffy nose ,prickly throat! Ugh!
Your stitiching is amazing!