Saturday, May 16, 2009


There's a birthday in the family today. My baby (he hates for me to call him that!) is 35 years old today. I don't know how he feels, but time has really flown.
Michael was born at 12:34 PM at St. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. He came quickly, but not as fast as his brother. He was here in 4 1/2 hours (John made it in 1 3/4 hours!). Remember the comment about being a Steel Magnolia?......Lots of black hair and bluish eyes. They didn't turn completely brown for a couple of months.
He graduated from Belaire Medical Magnet High School and then, Lord love him, my alma mater (The University of Alabama, of course) with a degree in Marine Biology. He' s now a MB with Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries.
He loves computers, fishing, kayaking, working out, reading and movies. He has wonderful hair: it comes to just below his shoulders. He let it grow as a remembrance of his surgery for Crohn's Disease. I should have hair like his: when he wears is loose he looks like Jesus!! No kidding. Only thing is that it is growing gray (so is John's). There's something very strange watching your kids turning gray.
I've often said that if he had been my first child, he would have been my last. Totally ADD. Always into something: playing Peter Pan on the freezer door, his brother setting him on fire. One thing after another. Looking back at it now, I don't really think I would have things any other way. Truth of the matter is that he came by his curiosity naturally. He and his future wife went to England with me on my first trip over. We made a pass through Scotland and he is as proud of his Scottish heritage as I am. We went to see "Braveheart" together. He was totally silent at the ending. And he was a baby when "Star Wars" first made an appearance!

This is one of my favorite photos. Uncle Deigh took it. I'm thinking he was about 2. I'm sorry it's not in color: beautiful light red hair.

Fantastic sense of humor!! These are chopsticks and I guess I should be grateful he didn't stick them out his nose!

The latest picture of Michael made a couple of weeks ago while we were in Houston.

Both the boys are great guys. I love them both and I loved watching them grow up (sometimes). What a great legacy I'll leave someday.


Donna said...

Good looking when he was little, good looking when he is older. Marian, you did good! Wish him a happy birthday from me.

Marian said...

Well, I guess his daddy had a little to do with it! He's the one with brown eyes.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Wishes from across the pond.

A beautiful little boy who has turned into a handsome young man, no wonder you are very proud of him Marian.

Have a lovely weekend.

D said...

What a sweet post. I often say it's a wonder any of us made it to adulthood. We all had our Peter Pan moments - and worse. :)

Marian said...

Little sweet thing was 2 or so. Pulled a chair up to the fridge, opened the freezer door and took off. Tore the door almost off. He also drove a car at about 4.

Siobhan said...

Happy birthday to your son! You have a right to be proud--he sounds like a great guy!