Saturday, April 11, 2009


"Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming" has long been my favorite Christmas carol. It's not exactly one that a lot of people know and it's even more beautiful sung a capella (no accompaniment).
Much to my surprise a charted version of the song started appearing on several blogs in the last few weeks. One group was using it as a SAL and were passing the book along person to person. Well, not to let a chance pass me by, I started searching for the pattern.
I emailed Brightneedle, the original designers, and the ladies emailed me back that it was in a 2001 edition of BH&G Cross Stitch Christmas. Where do I find one? Then it occurred to me that I might have it amongst some very old stitchery books in the computer room. Whoopee! It was there! I found it yesterday.
Today I pulled what threads I have-Weeks Dye Works- and found a piece of linen just the right size and color. Tuesday I will buy the rest of the colors and off we go. What a treat! The pictures on the blogs have been beautiful and now that I have some of the colors, I can see why. Wow. What a great Easter gift. The old bunny deserves a kiss.
In the meantime, I've finished the stitching on the Traveling Stitcher and am starting to put it together. It's been the oasis in the desert of music. I will do the Sunrise Service EARLY in the morning and then the two worship services tomorrow morning. It's the first time I've ever had to wear black on Easter!! Then a nice nap and end the day with Little Dorritt on Masterpiece Theatre.
And to all of you, may you have the most marvelous Easter Day, always remembering the significance of the season, why there is an Easter. And may the One who was willing to give His Son to die and rise again on this special day bless all of you


Ann said...

A very happy and blessed Easter to you and yours, Marian. And I'll be borrowing that book from you once you're finished, unless I can find it at the library!

Yoyo said...

I've seen several people stitch Lo recently, it is gorgeous. I had no idea, however, that it had been published in a magazine. I will probably run downstairs and check out my own after the holiday. Hope your day is filled with love and laughter.

I just glanced down at the word verification -- not fair, it's got two x's and a z and a q, talk about random generated difficult!!

Lisa said...

To one of the Friendship RRs...may your Easter be filled with many blessings and a lot of love!
Enjoy the day!
Lisa in CA

Julie said...

Happy Easter Marian, i hoe your church services were wonderful.

Its amazing what stash we dont remember having isn't it LOL

Donna said...

Happy Easter to you. I always count my blessings on Easter and you are definitely one of my blessings. Thank you for being my friend!