Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It's cold here so I guess ole Phil maybe right.Perfect time to stay inside and stitch.

Here's my progress on the Bea Potter sampler. It's coming along okay. I try to take a few stitches at least every other day. And, like another sampler I finished, I've added special dates to the sampler. You might have to look closely to find them. The chart shows some initials worked in. Like some others in the SAL, I'm holding back, thinking that I might add my choice.

I've stitched a couple of ornaments for Stitching For A Cure. Plan to do more. I still have to put them together. Come on, those of you that stitch. Let's get busy. Donna's goal is $5000.

The big stitching news is that I've finished the Loose Feathers box. I've done the stitching on the pin cushion and will show a snap of them both later.

I've also started the Victoria Quaker. The picture shows it as a framed piece, but it may be completed as a stitching kit, which is what I'm doing. I'm also doing it in a complete color change and adding the wording in French. More later.

Until then, I'm going to drag myself up, get dressed and go to On The Boulevard, my favorite beauty place, and get a nail repaired and---ta da---a hair change. If I still have the nerve when I get there.

Until then, stay warm. Especially my friend across the pond. England is being snowed in.


Julie said...

BP looks great.
Looking forward to seeing your new one started and the colour you chose for this one.

Snow has stopped and sun come out, hopefully there will be a melt!

Will we be allowed to see a pic of the new you.....

Donna said...

Your Bea Potter is looking really great. Thanks for the SFAC plug. I can't wait to see the ornies.
Please post a pic of the "new you".