Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here is the Loose Feathers Keepsake Box and Pin Cushion that I finished last week. I used fabric, threads, all the materials it called for. The lining fabric was my choice: I like anything that is old fashioned English rosy looking. It didn't take anytime to do the stitching and a couple of days to put the box together. The only thing different was that I didn't put the center divide.
We took the day off and went to Springfield yesterday. It was great and the parade was a hoot. Hopefully tomorrow I can download the pictures and get them online by Tuesday, which is Mardi Gras. My pastor mentioned the holiday in his sermon today. I wanted to jump up and yell that not everyone takes the opportunity to get rousing drunk. Some people just enjoy the beads, food and family time. And it wouldn't hurt some Baptist folk to do without for 40 days, either. Food would be a good choice!! Oh, I've found the best King Cake. The ones yesterday were from the Navarre Bakery in Springfield. I think I'll make a pilgrimage tomorrow. They (the cakes!) go away for a year starting Wednesday. These were WONDERFUL. Not pre-made pastry like Albertson's or Winn Dixie. And the cream cheese filling tasted like sweetened marscarpone. The icing wasn't in dark Mardi Gras colors. They were pastel. Oh, my mouth is watering. No wonder I'm a hundred pounds overweight.
There's no news on my friend's killer. She stays with me, in my mind, all the time. I hope the police will catch the creep soon. The Bible says to forgive. This one will take awhile to forgive-and forget, if ever. Prayers are appreciated.