Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today is good friend Robin's birthday. I'm not sure how old she is and I'm not going to ask. She's younger than me, but then again, everyone is younger than me.

Robin is my chief stitching advisor. She can be found everyday at my favorite needlework shop, Cross Stitch Corner, on Coursey Blvd. She knows fabrics, threads and finishes better than anyone I know. And has a great sense of color, balance-all the elements of design.

Happy Birthday, Robin. I hope it's a good one and that you have many more.


Julie said...

Best friend and needlework shop ... thats 2 words that sound nice together! I hope she has a lovely day.

Always smiling said...

Lovely to have some one to help and advise and she has a shop as well??? Wow that would be bliss to me!
Happy and Blessed Christmas
Chris x