Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here we are--at the end of a week again. It was a football day, but not for my team. We had the day off, as usual before Thanksgiving, and now are getting ready for the BIG one next Saturday.

Congratulations to Ann and the Ole Miss Rebels. They soundly whupped LSU this afternoon. Last year LSU was the #1 team in the nation. What happened, I don't know. The crazy fans are wanting to fire Coach Miles but I think some of them are forgetting how much it would cost to buy out his contract.

The picture at the top was one I made at the Chelsea Flower Show in London--I think maybe five or so years ago. I have some other photos to use. It was one of the most beautiful shows I've ever seen. I had always wanted to go, so I made flight and hotel arrangements and took off. I stayed at the Rembrandt Hotel, a little shabby chic place across from the V&A Museum, which is one of my favorite places in London. There's a great little cafe there with reasonable prices and admission to the museum is free (most of museums and galleries are) and I walked across the street off and on during those days to either grab a bite or check out a cool place. There's a wonderful embroidery section there, as well as a music floor. And Harrod' s is just two blocks or so down the street. The two things I want to do but haven't done (I will, though) is to do a Jane Austen tour and to visit the Ackworth School. Enough of this!

I have a couple of starts and finishes to show, so I hope I can get them photographed tomorrow. I also found some great Thanksgiving sites to show, also. See you later!

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Julie said...

Looking forward to seeing your new starts and finishes.

I've not been to London for a while.