Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm sitting here in bed with my wonderful laptop sitting on a pillow in front of me and feeling really LOUSY. I've had a weight problem for quite awhile. A little over a year ago I had lap band surgery and lost 50 pounds. And it still does a pretty good job. I still "revisit" a lot of things that won't go through it-mostly sandwiches, donuts, steak, etc. And it cured my acid reflux. But it really didn't do all it should.

So my cardiologist (I'm a great spokesperson for the AHA) suggested that I try Byetta. It's a diabetic drug (I'm not one yet but am doing my best to become one!) but researchers discovered that it kills the appetite. It does. When Gustav hit I kinda got off it. Then decided to go back on it.

Well, my prescription was for the large dose-1omcg. I should have started with the "starter" dose of 5mcg. The larger dose sometimes causes nausea when one first begins it. Imagine, if you will, beginning with the larger measure. I just thought I felt bad a few months ago when I started the maximum dose. Now I'm walking around very green and with a large rock in my belly......BUT......very little appetite. It will go away soon-I think- and life will return to normal. Right now the only thing that agrees with me is yogurt.

Such is the life of a thin-want-to-be.

The good news in all of this is that, for all practical purposes, I'm a vegetarian. Not a bad thing.


Julie said...

Hello Marian, thank you for visiting my blog and for you kind offer, what a generous lady you are.
I have spent some time browsing your blog, i hope Grace had a wonderful Birthday, but i was so sad to read you had recently lost a much loved friend.
Stitchers are such kind and friendly ladies and i'm so looking forward to the Beatrix Potter SAL starting in January, i hope i can hold out till then to put the first stitch in it LOL
I can't see an email button on here so i can send you my address, please can you email me through my blog, thank you again for your kindness.

Julie said...

Ran out of space, wanted to say how lovely 'Love Song' and 'Home is' are, i'm looking forward to coming back here often to see what you have been up to.