Saturday, October 11, 2008


In spite of it being such a sad week, I did get some stitching done.

I finally finished "A Love Song" by Fouroaks designs. I've been working on it for several years. I recently bought "Rhapsody In Blue", it's companion piece. Unfortunately, the fabric I used was no longer available. I chose the next best thing. And instead of using Anchor thread, which is my favorite and what I used on "Love Song", I chose a DMC color: 3842. I don't plan to begin Rhapsody until I finish Bygone's "Quaker Christmas"( I'm going to show a picture of it on the Quaker SAL site later today) . No plans to frame them until both are done. I want them framed alike.

I also finished "Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework". The sampler was done weeks ago. I just had to finish the pin keep and pincushion. This was my first BIG experience with crushed walnut shells. Now I'm hooked!! Hopefully I'll get the sampler to the framer's this week.

Alabama is not playing this week so I'm sitting here pulling for Tennessee to beat Georgia (won't happen). Later tonight I will yell really loudly for LSU, who is playing Florida. Texas just beat Oklahoma. I was pulling really hard for OU. A really good friend of mine graduated from there.
Hopefully Arkansas will CRUSH Auburn.

Enough of that stuff. Time to stitch and watch. Oh, Tanya Anderson has started a yahoo group for those who follow Stacy Nash. She's one of my favorite designers and I just bought another one of her designs last week. Great idea, a stitching group.


J Rae said...

So very sorry about the loss of your friend. I know it must have been a very difficult week for you.

Congrats on your finishes. They are all lovely. Did you crush the walnut shells yourself or purchase them that way or what? Love all the colors!

Can't wait to see Rhapsody in Blue! Your Love Song piece is gorgeousn and they will look great together.

Ann said...

What beautiful work, Marian! As always, your stitching is such a work of art.