Monday, September 1, 2008

NINE AM-9/1/08

There's a magnolia tree by the side of the house next to the den. Not a big one-tiny little trunk. It's bending and bowing but hasn't broken yet. There's a single bud on one of the top branches. It's right in my line of vision when I look out the window. It's become my guiding light. As long as I can see it I know the tree is still standing and we're okay (we're in bad shape when it comes through the den window!). It's a little lighter outside and we're getting some pretty strong gusts.

Michael is still waiting to see where he will have to go. He will be notified when winds die down to 40MPH. That could be awhile.

David is walking around wearing his golf visor. Can't figure that one out. Rose is sound asleep-an advantage of being mostly blind and deaf. And my beaten up old houserobe and my cross stitch are keeping me company.

Big gust now and the tree is REALLY bending. What a day. And it's early still

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