Monday, March 10, 2008

Yesterday as I was returning from church my phone rang. It was my son John calling to tell me that he was leaving from Houston on a 7PM flight to the UK on emergency business for his company. At 7 I was watching my clock remembering the many times I was in his place, so excited because I was returning to the place that I love so much. He was going to take the train from Gatwick to Rotherham. Traveling by train is a wonderful way to see the countryside and he would be traveling in the early morning when it is at it's best. I don't know much about Rotherham except that it is somewhere near Sheffield. Think SILVER! He always says come on and go with me. One day I will. But this week is out of the question. It's full of rehearsals for Easter music which will be on Sunday night. I wish him Godspeed and safe return on Saturday. No matter how little time is spent in England there's always something to see: a wonderful old church, beautiful flowers, a crumbling old castle. And always time for a dish of tea or a cold shandy in the local pub. I love the people. Wonderful senses of humor! And so friendly. John told me after his last trip that he is beginning to learn the idioms. Some of them are great, bloody great!

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