Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It was 80 degees yesterday so on one of my trips outside with Rose I took my Kodak to have a "moment". Flowers are blooming everywhere here and even now I can look outside my window and see little green things appearing on trees. I snapped a few pictures and here they are. It's a good thing because it's 53 degrees today. I'm glad I have the flu now because if I didn't I'd be getting it. This stuff is going around and it's dreadful. If you get it find a bed, lie down and take enough sedation to last a couple of weeks and maybe you can sleep through it. I did get out long enough today to buy more kleenex and orange juice. And to pass by my needlework shop for some thread. I work the polls Saturday and I need to replenish my supply so that I won't go into withdrawal halfway through the afternoon!

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mzplcdokie said...

Everything is so lovely. Glad you had a good day for being out and about and getting these gorgeous spring photos. Hopefully your good weather will return soon for you.