Friday, February 22, 2008

Mrs. Obama-Michelle to her friends- has finally found something in her adult years to be proud of as an American. You know, I don't remember a day of my life that I haven't been proud to be American. I have a suggestion for her. Get on a plane and fly to China. Stay in a hotel-a good one. And know that every thing you do is being watched: brushing your teeth, taking a bath, reading your Bible and praying, sleeping. Go out of the hotel and take one of those horried little red taxis and know that the conversation you're having with your friend is being over heard. Then, oh happy day, go to the airport, board a plane and then lift off from the Beijing airport and many hours later enter the blue skies of and the complete freedom of America. Even better, go down the interstate here in my city and watch Old Glory as she flies over Robinson Brothers. Or watch the face of an elderly veteran as he hears the National Anthem.
Something is wrong with this lady. She wants to be your First Lady. Not mine. No one who is not proud every day of her life to American will be my First Lady. She has no right to stand with those who came before her: the Mrs. Washngton, Madison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ford, Barbara and Laura Bush, Kennedy, and so on.I cannot see her representing my country in any official functions. I have a suggestion. She should find a country she can be proud of and go there post haste.
And that's all I have to say about that.....

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