Monday, January 7, 2013

Well, just a few hours!

The BCS is on in 6 hours. Go Bama!

And....hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be out of surgery.

Too much in two days...............

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I bit my fingernails as a child. Always embarrassed me, but it was a hard-to-break habit.  My mother used to put this pepper-flavored polish on my nails to stop the biting. Didn't work.   After I lost the dreaded habit, I was left with some very soft fingernails. Then the big discovery: nail tips. Voila!

I had worn them for years and then, lo and behold, I had grown a beautiful set of nails underneath the tips. So....bye bye to nail tips, hello natural nails. And overlays because they were so soft.

I've always been partial to red nails, especially if they were well-manicured and long. Being a musician, long wasn't an option. Okay. As an organist, mine could be a little longer. The fingering is so different than a pianist's, so they really were no problem.

Well, three months ago I did the number on the shoulder.The nice part was that I could finally grow the LONG nails I've always wanted. And they could be red. Or blue. Or fushia. But mostly red. And they were wonderful. Still are. Don't get in the way of my stitching and knitting. Or my cooking. Not a bit inconvenient.

I lost the red today. Since I can't have a color on my nails because of the surgery on Tuesday, I came home with a French manicure. Had them before, but I just love my red nails. I actually like a FM, but damn, I love those red puppies!

So for the next couple of weeks, I'll be a la naturelle. Not such a bad trade off. I'll have a fixed shoulder, which will make manicures less painful (it has been dreadful) and my red nails will return soon enough.

My favorite reds? OPI, of course!  I'm Not Really A Waitress.  OPI Red.  Friar, Friar Pants on Fire. I Don't Do Dishes........ My favorite was China Blossom, but the OPI guys don't make it any more. And Cheyenne Pepper was a favorite, now gone, too.

I do love me some red nails. Wonder if it has anything to do with my Crimson Tide? They are gonna roll all over Notre Dame next Monday night----which will be a great lead in into 9AM Tuesday morning!