Monday, July 11, 2011


I''m sitting here sneezing. Allergies! And according to the local news the temperature will be (heat index included) 110. I'll make a much needed trip to Hobby Lobby and then stay inside for some coolness.

Kate and William have returned home. They are such a happy, relaxed couple and very much in love. I wish them all the best. I'm sorry they never made it this far east and south. But I've enjoyed the photos. Oh, to be so thin!!

I'm going to add some recipes to my blog. Check "Tasty Morsels" in the next few days. I made my first ever fig jam Saturday. It turned out very well. Only problem is that they were purple figs, so the jam is purple. So LSU!

I have a finish and some progress. And when I make it back to Cross Stitch Corner I have some goodies in my drawer just waiting for my hot little hands. So here goes:

This is a wonderful piece of fabric I bought when I was in Houston. It's stitched with DMC 930, 931, 932. The pattern is Blackbird's freebie. It's supposed to be stitched in red, but I chose to stitch it in blue. Sara Pilgrim Trimm is my great-great grandmother. Born in 1824.
This is Brenda Gervais' mystery SAL. It's not number one on the list, but it is interesting to stitch. The last of the patterns is due sometime this month. I'm using the fabric and threads suggested.

Blackbird's Anniversaries of the Heart. It's quickly becoming a favorite! I ended up tea dying the fabric because it was too white and not very antique-y looking. I haven't put any special people in yet. I'm still collecting names and dates. I have a little book I keep with the charts and I add thoughts as I have them. Last night I was looking through some stitchy magazines for small symbols representing members of my family. I found a wonderful little photo of a karate kid which will be perfect for my grandson! This piece is so much fun to stitch.

And finally my newest experiment. I've knitted since I was in high school, but never tried socks. It seems to be the upcoming thing. I have a friend, Tammie, who brings her latest knitty project to Tuesday stitching. So this is the first sock. I have made more progress since this photo. I'm ready to start turning the heel. Kinda fun. Hope they fit my fat legs.

So this is life here in the tropical South. It does seem strange for my Down Under Friends referring to this as winter. And the humidity! But onward an upward......

See you guys later!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Here's this month's contribution to my ort collection. There's quite a collection here: overdye wrappers, ribbon......

I don't know how to begin to understand what happened in Orlando yesterday. I do know that a beautiful 2 year old child is dead. A 25 year old woman is free today, ready to plan the rest of her life. And she bought that life at a very high price. Rest in peace, Caylee, in the arms of God.

Sunday, July 3, 2011