Thursday, April 28, 2011


By now most of you have seen videos of the tornados in Alabama. Tuscaloosa is my hometown and I'm watching these videos and looking at the photos with great sadness.

Places that I knew as a child are gone. The church where I was baptized and where we were married is almost totally destroyed. The death toll is mounting. Last report was that the hospital--where my son was born and my parents left for Heaven--is damaged and has run out of body bags.

I am absolutely numb. Plans were to go home Friday for my class reunion. Friday plans are cancelled but Saturday is still on. I have to go. I have to be close to this place that was my home for so long. Whose university gave me my education. I have to see if my parents' house is still standing. I have to see that their resting places are okay. What a bittersweet trip.

From the beginning to the end, God is in control. He knows why. It is so beyond our feeble minds to understand. I know this, but I don't think God would begrudge me just a little grief.

Here are pictures of the church where we were married. It's the Alberta Baptist Church.

Please pray. Please donate what you can.

I thank God for all you, my friends.

Monday, April 25, 2011


This little goodie is from Victoria Sampler. It's "Jazz". I'm not a big fan of backstitching, so I just added buttons to the thread and beads and called it quits. It's very small and very colorful.

From The Sampler Girl. It's one of my salutes to the Royal Wedding (I'm such an Anglophile. I wish I were going to be there!). I did it on Joblan with DMC colors. I omitted the heart button and stitched the little heart in.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it! Now I'm working on the Kelmscott chart.

Not only is the wedding this weekend, but so is my class reunion. We all celebrate our 65th birthdays this year, so we're going to have a two day celebration. It's in my hometown of  Tuscaloosa, Alabama. What it means is that I will get up around 3AM (my time), watch the wedding, leave for home around 8AM or so, travel the 6 hours (I imagine I'll be sleeping all the way) and then join all the festivities at 6PM Friday night. Can't wait.  I keep reminding myself to be sure to speak Alabamian, not Louisianian!

I'm excited!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Forty-one years ago I met this cute thing for the first time. John came into the world at 10:45 AM after--are you ready for this?----1 hour and 45 minutes of labor. Life hasn't been the same.

He graduated from Baton Rouge Magnet High School and then LSU with a degree in music.

He lives in Texas with Laura, Bradley, Grace and Ann.

I love you, John. You've made my life a joy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I had a visit to the dentist yesterday and had some GREAT sedation.  I have a permanent bridge-which I've hated since the day it was put in. It's hurting like hell and is a little swollen around the dreadful thing. He really couldn't find anything unusual, but if it's not better I have to go back Monday. I was hoping there was a strawberry seed or some such thing under it, but no such luck. Anyway, I'm still a little wonky, so here goes!

This is the pillow that I've mentioned before. I thought I was finished and took a photo, only to discover a mistake. After a visit from the old froggy it's finished and here it is. The kit is by Pine Mountain and I added the name and date. It really is cute!

A little biscornu I stitched for myself. Believe me, the photo doesn't do justice to the colors. It was a freebie from whom I don't remember. We get lots of hummingbirds here,so it really had to be stitched. It's on mint green linen  and the colors remind me of a birthday cake.

This little goody is a wedding gift. I get lots of shower/wedding invitations (church organist???). I could run down to the local BB&B, but for really special people I've wanted to do something special. I found this pattern on Creative Poppy and ordered it. This was my first attempt. I decided to do it in the bride's wedding colors, which were eggplant and pewter. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Try matching those colors, but I think it came out okay. On the back side-which was my bright idea?-are their initials and wedding date. Next go around will be easier. I promise myself not to agonize so much.....

The pattern is "Biscornu Mariage" by Marie-Anne Rethoret-Melin. It really was fun to stitch. I wanted it a little larger, so I used 25 count Joblen. The threads were Anchor 900 and Belle Soir Eggplant (go figure!). I used Mill House Beads and a silver heart button I found at Hobby Lobby.

I've ordered a pattern for a bisornu for a baby boy but it's not here yet. I hope the same designer-or someone else-does one for a girl.

That's all folks. I'm seriously considering going back to bed. Good night, all!

Friday, April 8, 2011



Thursday, April 7, 2011


This was made in Pet Smart in Houston. She is SO adorable!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


This is this month's collection of orts. It looks like a lot. Maybe it is!! The new jar is a little smaller than the old. I had a couple of finishes and a lot of frogging! And here's my growing collection of scissors. I found the cute vase at the Goodwill shop and thought it would be great for keeping my scissors neat.

I've finished my Spooky SAL piece. I chose this particular one because she designed it after a trip to New Orleans. Haven't decided what to do with it yet.

I had another finish, but thank goodness for cameras. It's a pillow for a new baby. I took the photo, downloaded it and found a major mistake in spelling. I'll do a little more frogging and post the snappy.

We're waiting for some bad weather to hit here. According to AccuWeather it will hit in a couple of hours. Linzie senses it, I think. She's sticking to me like brown on rice!!! I have a crockpot full of a new recipe. Hope we don't have a power failure. It's Corn Chowder and absolutely delicious. And very rich. I'll post the photo and recipe shortly.

Until then, stay safe and happy stitching!